It could be the perfect beach, shopping for local wares, or snorkeling amongst the world’s rarest underwater species.  Whatever it may be, we are here to inspire you with our travel expertise. No matter what your honeymoon dreams are, we know Love is the Destination. Pinterest is a great place to get started with inspirational travel ideas. 

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Tips on Planning your Honeymoon!

Research about honeymoon destinations
Choosing the right honeymoon destination can help you save a lot. Consider all-inclusive resorts rather than going abroad. The poor exchange rate can easily sabotage your budget. Pick a destination where the dollar is not deflated. 

Set a budget

Before deciding on every detail of your honeymoon, be sure to first set a budget. So, the most important part is to decide on an amount and stick to it. Make sure to include everything such as airfare, accommodation, food, sightseeing, shopping etc. A better idea is to make it a part of your wedding planning expense.

Consider an all-inclusive package

Not only is it less of a hassle, an all inclusive package assures substantial savings. You get a clear estimate of how much your holiday will cost and can plan accordingly. Consider booking your trip at least 6 - 9 months in advance so you can book your entire trip including your airfare, transfers and resort / cruise / hotel. What type of honeymoon are you looking for? 
Discuss with your fiancé exactly what is most important for you to experience while on your honeymoon: 
Adventure, relaxation, touring, a little of everything? Communication is the key! Once you have some general ideas, discuss them with your travel agent who will provide options of where to go and stay. 

Opt for a honeymoon registry

The same way you register for wedding gifts, you can create a honeymoon registry. If you have plenty of linens and china, why not setup a honeymoon registry and have your guests pay for your vacation in lieu of traditional gifts.

Fly off-peak

Flights are often less expensive on selected days of the week. For instance, if you are going domestic, fly weekends to avoid business travelers, whereas, if you are traveling abroad, you can get a better deal by starting on a Monday or Tuesday. All you need is some flexibility, careful and early planning.

Do I need a Visa? Do I need vaccinations? 
Some destinations do require Visas; your travel professional will be able to advise you of that requirement and assist in obtaining them. Also important is what type of passport you are traveling under, as many countries now require passports valid 6 months after entering country. If you’re traveling to an exotic destination, it’s best to confirm with your doctor if they suggest vaccinations for travel in those regions.

I don’t need insurance, this is my honeymoon and I will never cancel. REALLY? 

​There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling. Travel Insurance provides protection for your travel investment in case an unfortunate situation arises, such as sickness, bad weather, or civil unrest at your planned destination; just to name a few that one may find themselves in when they plan to travel domestically or abroad. Some health plans may offer little or no medical coverage outside the United States. Vacation evacuations can be costly and may cost over $100,000. This could be financially devastating for many travelers. Travel insurance also provides the peace of mind that you are not alone when you are really in need.

Don't arrive with a set itinerary for each day. You've done enough planning with the wedding, so take a few days to play it by ear - sleep in, enjoy an extra long breakfast(especially when it comes to the view) and leave flexibility for spontaneous decisions. Most importantly, have fun! Just remember it doesn't get much better than being with your loved one in an amazing place.Bon Vogage!

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