Memphis, TN  — Memphis-area Travel Leaders travel agency is embracing a national campaign declaring “2018: Year of the Travel Agent” as a way to highlight the personalized services available to travelers when they use a professional travel advisor.
“Our business is thriving today because of our clients here in the Memphis-metro area who have experienced first-hand how well we assist them before, during and after their journey. By participating in the campaign ‘2018: Year of the Travel Agent’, it is our way to show that we will remain committed to meeting and exceeding traveler expectations this year and beyond,” said Barbara May from the Travel Leaders location at 2865 Wolf Creek Pkwy., Ste. 104. “Area residents who have not yet used a travel agent, or haven’t done so in years, we invite them to contact us to learn what we can do to improve their travel experience for leisure or business.”

The 2018: Year of the Travel Agent campaign focuses on the “12 Tenets of Travel Agents,” including:

  1. Travel agents help you before, during and after the journey.
  2. Travel agents are travel experts.
  3. Travel agents provide peace of mind wherever you travel.
  4. Travel agents have access to exclusive benefits.
  5. Travel agents design personalized experiences for each unique traveler.
  6. Travel agents cut through the clutter of the internet.
  7. Travel agents read the fine print.
  8. Travel agents study hard to become specialists.
  9. Travel agents make your dollars travel further.
  10. Travel agents are real people, accessible in real life.
  11. Travel agents are globally connected.
  12. Travel agents are passionate travelers, first and foremost.

“We know that technology has made it easier for people to book a flight or a hotel directly online, however the firsthand experience, we, as travel experts, have gained through our connections with the airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise lines and destination tourism boards, allows us to offer added amenities and discounts one can’t obtain on their own,” added Barbara May.  “In addition, we are there for you throughout your journey, making arrangements as necessary should your plans be disrupted due to weather, emergencies, or you just want to extend your stay or change your itinerary. When planning your next trip, consider seeing what a travel agent professional can offer.”

“Travel Better” by visiting the experienced travel agent experts at the Travel Leaders location at 2765 Wolf Creek Pkwy., Ste. 104 or online at or simply call 901-377-6600 or 901-853-6200.


“2018: Year of the Travel Agent” Campaign Embraced by Memphis’s Travel Leaders 

901-377-6600 / 901-853-6200

2765 Wolf Creek Pkwy, Ste. 104

​Memphis, TN 38133

Local travel agency joins nationwide campaign inviting travelers to discover how the dedication and expertise of travel agents can enhance their travel experience.


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